Service to the Holy Hierarch Ignaty Brianchaninov

Bishop of the Caucasus and the Black Sea

April 30th Julian Calendar / May 13th Gregorian Calendar


Translated to the English language from Church Slavonic

with the blessing of Abbot Joachim,

Mercy House, New York City, 2003


Small Vespers

Lord I have cried, 4 stichera, Tone 2

Special Melody: "Even from the tree":

O most wonderful holy hierarch Ignaty, the northern land, the Russian Thebaid, beheld the beginnings of thy monastic podvigs[1] and labors, where thou didst discover the Lord Jesus, the Ordainer-of-Podvigs, Who strengthened thee in the work of prayer.

When thou didst become a superior of monks, having come of age, O father, received by the northern monastery named after the venerable Sergius, thou didst encounter great sorrows, and enfeebling infirmities, as well as comfort from thine eternal brothers; and thou wast vouchsafed the visitation of the Comforting Spirit, Who appeared to thee.

By obedience to the Holy Church, O father, thou didst reach the southern country, lying near Pontus, where in thine episcopate thou wast a father and mentor of the peoples and tribes of the Caucasus, who were thirsting for the words of Christ.

But, when the time of thy departure drew nigh, O holy hierarch of God Ignaty, in the monastery on the banks of the Volga, while fulfilling works of words and prayers, thou didst depart unto God with hope, finding in Him much calm and peace.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Apostica, Tone 1

Special melody: "Of the heavenly ranks"

Being edified by thy spiritual fatherís teaching, O father Ignaty, thou didst learn the rules of monastic life and didst practice various obediences diligently, fulfilling the way of the saints.

Verse: Honorable before the Lord / is the death of His venerable ones.

Having acquired spiritual wisdom, as well as knowledge of the fathersí writings, thou didst receive children of obedience in abundance, O father, and didst spiritually guide them to the Heavenly and Eternal Kingdom.

Verse: Blessed is the man, who fears the Lord, / in His commandments shall he greatly delight.

Having loved thy neighborís soul, by bringing it to the Lord and Savior, while showing spiritual love to thy children, as the psalmist thou didst exclaim: Come, children, hearken, I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Tropariaó printed with Great Vespers


Great Vespers

Blessed is the Man: 1st antiphon

Lord I have cried, Tone 5

Special melody: "Rejoice":

Rejoice and keep bright festival, O land of Russia, having revealed the new holy hierarch of God, Ignaty, who elucidating the faith of Christ with his writings, and expounding the laws of the Spirit, clearly completed the path of the spiritual life.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, for having loved the way of Christís commandments from infancy, thou becamest one of the Lordís most wonderful elect, and having passed through the furnace of temptations and troubles, thou wast a teacher of the Orthodox people, explaining the laws of eternal life.

Rejoice, O thou who in the monastic ranks received the name of the God-bearer, for thus of thine own will, O holy hierarch Ignaty, while enduring sickness and sorrow, like a hieromartyr, thou didst inscribe the Name of Christ within thy heart throughout thy life, strengthening thyself with unceasing prayer.

Rejoice, O divinely wise holy hierarch of Christ, for having searched out the true and living God, thou didst stand before Christ until the very end of thy days, strengthening thyself with unceasing prayer and love, and establishing thyself by enduring every sorrow.

Glory, tone 4:

Thou didst strive toward eternal truth and immortality, O wonderful holy hierarch Ignaty, and confessing these to thy neighbors, thou didst call them to the love of God, and now thou shinest in the unwaning glory of eternal life in the Kingdom of Christ.

Both now, of the feast.


Prokeimenon of the day

Three readings for holy hierarchs:


A concatenation of the verses, beginning, "The memory of the righteous"

Proverbs: 10:31-11:12

"The mouth of the righteous drops wisdom":

Wisdom of Solomon: 4:7-15

"The righteous man, though he be prevented by death"

Litya Stichera

The first sticheron of the temple followed by these for the Holy Hierarch,

Tone 1:

A saving thought, to follow the teachings of the holy fathers, thou didst call, O venerable one, thy star, guiding thee and illumining the narrow path of thy mind and heart to God.

This blessed thought, guiding thee, O divinely wise father, brought thee to springs of living waters, to monastic habitations, where thou, by many podvigs, didst acquire God.

Glory, in the same tone:

Thou didst discover the country of truth, O venerable one, the teachings of the holy fathers, and having followed their writings zealously throughout thy life, thou didst call out: these are Heavenly stars, emitting harmonious and unified light, these are ships, sailing to a single pier, this choir, they sang a single Godly song, and following their teaching, thou didst direct thy soul unto eternal life.

Both now, of the feast.

Apostica, Tone 6:

Thou didst sing the sacred hymn, O venerable father, beneath the shadow of the Lordís Cross, the song of thanksgiving and praise. Wherefore, by thy prayers help the people of God, living as wanderers, to give Him praise at the foot of the Tree of the Cross.

Refrain: Honorable before the Lord / is the death of His venerable ones.

Thou didst explain to us, O father, in thy writings, what it means to partake of the cup of Christ. Help us by thy prayers, O venerable one, to accept this cup of sorrows and adversities with thanksgiving, as a gift of God, in our life.

Refrain: Thy ministers shall be clothed in righteousness, / and Thy righteous shall rejoice.

Thou didst traverse the sea of worldly passions and sorrows on a [seaworthy] ship, a steadfast soul, wherefore, keep our souls, assailed by the waves of sin, in the saving ship of the Church of Christ, as [thou art] an excellent man of prayer.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Troparion, Tone 8:

O Champion of Orthodoxy, excellent teacher of repentance and prayer, divinely inspired adornment of hierarchs, glory and praise of monastics: by thy writings thou hast imbued us with purity. O spiritual lute, Ignaty divinely wise, pray to the Word, Christ God, Whom thou didst bear within thy heart, to grant us repentance before the end!

Or, in the same toneó

The chosen beloved of Christ wast thou shown to be, having clung to Him in many afflictions and unceasing prayer; and having acquired the grace of the Holy Spirit, thou wast an exemplary teacher of the people. Remember us, O holy hierarch Ignaty, God-bearer of Russia, that with thy teachings and prayers we may find saving repentance, and with heartfelt love become Christís own!



God is the Lord

Troparion of the feast, twice. Glory, of the holy hierarch, and Both now, of the feast.


After the 1st kathisma,

Sedalen, Tone 2

Having been united to Christ by many prayers and sorrows in thy life, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou wast an excellent teacher and helper of thy people; pray for those who honor thy memory, O blessed one.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

After the 2nd Kathisma,

Sedalen, Tone 8:

Thou didst say, O father: that to ponder the incarnation of God the Word, His saving sufferings and Resurrection, is a degree of spiritual vision, the which, vouchsafe us to acquire by thy prayers, O venerable one.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Polyeleos, and this Magnification:

We magnify thee, O holy hierarch Ignaty, and we honor thy holy memory; for thou dost entreat Christ God for us.

The Polyeleos Sedalen, Tone 5

Special melody: "O Venerable Father":

O venerable father, all-honorable holy hierarch, thou didst teach that prayer, true faith, and the suffering of sorrows, are needed in order to be saved. Help us, O saint of God, so that protected by thy teachings, we may attain the salvation of our souls.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Hymn of Ascents, Tone 4

Prokeimenon, Tone 4:

Honorable before the Lord / is the death of His venerable ones.

Stichos: What shall I do for the Lord for all that He has done for me?

Let every breath praise the Lord.

Gospel according to St. Matthew, #11 (Matthew 5:14-19)

Having beheld the Resurrection of ChristÖ Psalm 50

After the 50th psalm, the final sticheron in tone 6:

Thou didst unveil the mystery of the Lord's Holy Table in the shining of a great light: As the sun, thou didst teach, is reflected in every drop of dew, likewise in the [Mystical] Supper, everyone is joined to Christ wholly in Divinity and humanity. By thy prayers, O Saint Ignaty, vouchsafe us to approach this mystery with the fear of God and uncondemned.


Canon of the Feast &

Canon of the Holy Hierarch, Tone 8:

Ode I

Irmos: Once, the wonderworking staff of Moses drowned the chariots of the persecutor Pharaoh, having crosswise struck and divided the sea, but saved Israel escaping on foot and chanting a hymn unto God.

Thou didst traverse the spiritual route, leading to the Living God, O holy hierarch Ignaty, clearly showing how it is meet to travel along the path of earthly lifeó by heeding the teachings of Christ.

Thou didst behold, O father, the first step on the ladder of the Evangelical virtues, poverty of spirit; and the testament thou didst give was to follow this, to love it, and to put it at the beginning of the spiritual path.

Poverty of spirit, thou didst say, is the salt of all spiritual sacrifices, because it is the first beatitude mentioned in the Holy Gospel of Christ; all other beatitudes- meekness, mercy, and purity of heart- follow it and by it are perfected.

Theotokion: O Mother of the Light, Most-pure Birthgiver of God, having completed thy saving life on earth with thy Son and God, strengthen us, unworthy ones, rescue us from sins, and prepare us to walk toward eternal truth.


Irmos: O Lord, Supreme Creator of the Heavens, and Builder of the Church, establish me in Thy love, O limit of desires, confirmation of the faithful, O only Lover of Mankind.

While manifesting Christís truth in thy life, O holy hierarch of Christ Ignaty, on this path thou didst learn to cry and weep over evil deeds, and to flee unto the Savior of the world.

In thy youth, thou didst cry bitterly in thy cell with monastic tears, over the captivity of manís soul and mind, and the destruction of the temple of his heart, created by God for His lofty service. From all of these, only the One God-man and Savior can rescue us.

And again, thou didst acquire tears, O father, in thy monastic life, when thou didst overcome all obstacles distancing thee from God. For the sake of that weeping, remember us who honor thy holy memory.

Theotokion: O Most-Pure Virgin, who assuagest our sadness and sorrows, grant us saving tears, that we may cry over the abyss of our evils and iniquities before thee.

Sedalen, Tone 3:

Thou didst teach, O praiseworthy father, that to acquire pure prayer and to love the feeling of repentance and tears is enough to attain eternal salvation. Vouchsafe us sinners the same, by thy prayers, O saint.

Glory, Both now, of the feast.

Ode IV

Irmos: Thou art my strength, O Lord, Thou art my power, Thou art my God, [and] Thou art my joy, Thou didst not leave the bosom of the Father even while visiting our poverty, wherefore, with the prophet Habakkuk I cry unto Thee: glory to Thy power, O Lover of Mankind.

Seeking the mysteries of monastic life, O blessed Ignaty, thou didst learn that it is fitting to repent, and that monastic labor is nothing other than the work of unceasing repentance.

In repentance, tears and crying over evil deeds, thou didst behold, O father, the way of salvation, leading to Heavenly life, which lies before everyone bearing the name of Christ.

Thou didst say, O venerable father, that it is needful to cut off the passions by repentance, and by repentance to acquire good works. And, should our eye not behold, the depth of our sinfulness, we will not attain eternal salvation.

Theotokion: O Mother of God, Surety and Helper of sinners, firmly establish us on the path unto God with true repentance, and direct it by the vision of our sins and their confession.

Ode V

Irmos: Why hast Thou turned Thy face away from me, O Light Unwaning, and strange darkness has covered me, the wretched one? But turn me and direct my ways to the light of thy commandments, I pray.

Supplying thy soul with crying and uninterrupted repentance, O father Ignaty, thou wast a man of prayer, having loved it from thy childhood, and thou didst set it as the foundation of [thy] spiritual life.

Strengthening thy life with diligent prayer from thy youth, until thine end thou didst honor thy podvig of prayer to Christ God, whereby thou didst establish thyself in Christ the Savior.

Having come to the age of manhood, having been a director of monks, while experiencing diverse sorrows, in steadfast and unceasing prayer with many tears thou didst reap true freedom and tranquility, O all-blessed father.

Theotokion: O Most Pure Virgin, Mother of Christ God, crown of unsleeping prayer, entreat God on our behalf, and by thy prayers, rescue us sinners from adversities and sorrows.

Ode VI

Irmos: I pour forth my prayer unto God, and to Him I declare my sorrows, in that my soul is filled with evil and my life draws nigh unto hell, and so I pray, as Jonah, raise me up from corruption, O Lord.

Thou wast a teacher of noetic prayer, O father Ignaty, clearly showing how we must stand before the Face of Christ and pray with repentance.

Thou didst teach that it is meet in prayer, O father, to stand in the choir of lepers, blind, deaf, and lame; and thus, from a broken heart, from the poverty of our spirit, to strive to pray to Christ.

When quiet blows gently in the heart during prayer, along with peace toward all, meekness, compassion and love for man, thou didst teach, O father, that we will then learn these were accomplished by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Theotokion: O Mother of God, incomprehensible receptacle of the Holy Spirit, pray for us mortals and direct our prayers unto God.

Kontakion, Tone 8

Special Melody, "even in the tomb":

Although traversing the path of this earthly life, O holy hierarch Ignaty, Thou didst, nonetheless, unceasingly behold the laws of life eternal,

Which thou didst teach to thy pupils with many [life-bearing] words. Wherefore, pray, O holy father, that we follow them as well.

Ikos: Thou didst write, O father, that it is meet have the fear of God, in order to attain the perfection of all the virtues, the love of God, and so to become like unto the Heavenly Father. Pray, O holy father, that we follow this teaching as well.


Irmos: As the Hebrew youths daringly trampled the flame in the furnace and the fire changed into dew, they cried out: Blessed art Thou, O Lord God, unto all ages.

In the wintry bareness of tree branches thou didst contemplate, O father, the mystery of the resurrection of the dead. For, even as the tree in its own time is covered with leaves, so the bones of men will revive, and being clothed with flesh, they will enter the new world.

Thou didst learn, O father, as much as is possible, the mystery concerning the end of manís life, and the mystery of the angelic nature and of the soul of man, and didst give thanks unto God.

Thou didst confess the One God alone, the Spirit of Truth, the all-perfect One, and bowing down before Him, O father, we magnify thee.

Theotokion: O Virgin Mary, Mother of the Ineffable Light, protect us sinners from fallen thoughts, and strengthen the Divine teaching of the Holy Church in our hearts.


Irmos: Glorified on the holy mountain and revealed to Moses in the mystery of the Ever-Virgin in the burning bush, hymn the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages.

Thou didst love, O father, to serve the brethren with the word of God, and to thee this service was a podvig of thy life; and to us it is immutable joy, as we cry out to thee: Do not leave us, O father, [along] with thy words and prayers!

In serving the Word, within thy soul thou didst hear the voice of surety in salvation, wherefore, thou didst love thy neighbors most sincerely, and that same Divine Word.

Thou didst teach thy neighbors, O holy hierarch, that our Savior is Heavenly Fire, acting in His Gospel words.

Theotokion: O Mother of God, birthgiver of God the Word, grant speech unto thy servants that they might proclaim the mystery of thine all-merciful intercession, appearing in the mystery of the birth of the Word, Christ God.

Ode IX

Irmos: Heaven was terrified, and the ends of the earth were amazed, that God revealed Himself to men in the flesh and thy womb became more spacious than the Heavens. Wherefore, the commanders of the ranks of angels and men magnify thee, O Theotokos.

Having borne many labors and illnesses in thy life, O all-honorable holy hierarch, thou didst bow down before the radiant Cross of Christ, and offered thy prayers unto the Lord.

Beset by sorrows, in a vision thou didst behold a Wanderer in thy cell, coming to visit thee. "Where dost Thou come from? And, where is Thine abode? Why dost Thou leave it, even now?" sweetly thou didst cry, O father, to Christ, appearing to thee.

In walking before the Lord, O father, thou didst learn the fate of thy fatherland, and didst clearly foresee thine end, prayerfully striving toward God the Word, unto thy beloved Christ.

Theotokion: O Mother of God, Shining of the Ineffable Light, guide our steps unto eternal life, forgiving all the evil we have done.


Having received the most glorious name of the God-bearer in monasticism, O father Ignaty, all-honorable holy hierarch, with unceasing prayer thou didst settle Christ within thy heart, and wast a teacher, leading to the Unwaning Light, having been a holy God-bearer in truth.

Glory, both now, of the feast.

Stichera at the Praises, Tone 8:

In thy life thou didst teach, O venerable one, that the heart of man finds calm when it walks in the commandments of Christ, for it is good unto salvation to paint the image of Christ on the soul; Wherefore, kindly vouchsafe us to fulfill them, too, by thy prayers, O father.

Thou didst follow Christ zealously, O holy hierarch Ignaty, having put aside everything worldly, and having shouldered the Lordís Cross, thou didst reach the path of perfection, whereto, guide us, by thy prayers, O father.

Come, O assembly of God's people, ardently draw near to the ever-flowing spring, the holy hierarch Ignaty, God-bearer of Russia, and extol him, supplicating zealously: grant enlightenment to our souls, by thy prayers, O holy hierarch.

Glory, both now, of the feast

Great Doxology, Ectenia, and Dismissal.


Divine Liturgy

At the Beatitudes:

4 verses from the canon of the Pentecostarion, and

4 from Ode III of the canon to the Holy Hierarch.

Prokeimenon, Tone 1ó for a holy hierarch

Epistle to the Hebrews, #318 (Hebrews 7:26- 8:2)

Alleluia, Tone 2ó for a holy hierarch

Gospel According to John, #36 (John 10:9-16)

Communion Verseó

The righteous shall be remembered forever; he shall not be afraid of evil.


[1] "Podvig": a feat or exploit; in spiritual terms, it is the voluntary undertaking of a specific type of asceticism, which often lasts for a long period of time, sometimes even an entire lifetime.



From the teachings of Holy Hierarch St. Ignaty,

"On Attention During Prayer".

Prayer requires the continual presence and assistance of attention. Prayer is the inalienable property of one who prays, but according to the [relative] absence of attention, it is strange to the one who prays. According to the attention given, prayer bears abundant fruit; without attention it bears thorns and briers. The fruit of prayer consists in enlightenment of the mind and compunction of the heart, in revival of the soul by the life of the Spirit; thorns and briers signify the death of the soul, pharisaical conceit.

Attention, which completely guards prayer from distraction or from outside thoughts and dreams, is a gift of the grace of God. Our sincere desire will receive the gift of grace, the soul-saving gift of attention, when we compel ourselves to pay attention during each of our prayers. Artificial attention, still unshadowed by grace, is that, which confines the mind in the words of prayer. If the mind, by reason of its inexperience in the podvig of prayer, exits from confinement in the words of the prayer, then it must again be lead back into them. Characteristics of the mind, in the state of its fall, are its inclination and insistence to soar everywhere. But God can grant steadfastness, and will grant it, in its own time, for constancy and patience in the podvig of prayer.

Very unhurried pronunciation of the words of prayer especially promotes attention at the time of prayer. Pronounce the words unhurriedly; so that the mind can with greater comfort retain its confinement in the words of prayer, so that it doesnít slip out from a single word of it. When you pray alone, pronounce the words softly- this promotes the retention of attention.

In good time, store the all-powerful weapon of prayer; in good time, learn to wield it. Prayer is almighty, by reason of Almighty Godís action in it. It is "a spiritual sword, which is the word of God". Prayer, according to its quality, is the presence of man near God and the unification of man with God; according to its action it is the reconciliation of man with God, the mother and daughter of tears; a bridge, by which men pass through temptations; a wall, protecting them from sorrows; the anihilation of warfare, unending practice, the source of the virtues, the cause of spiritual gifts, unseen success, the food of the soul, the enlightenment of the mind, the cutting off of despair, the indication of hope, and the resolution of sadness.

In the beginning, it is necessary to compel ourselves to pray; soon prayer begins to deliver consolation, and, by this consolation, to ease the [necessary] compulsion, and to encourage us to compel ourselves [further]. However, compulsion is necessary for prayer during the entire course of our life, since prayer acts murderously on our old man; as long as it still lives in us, it resists prayer, and is like a taste of death. *

In accordance with the great importance of prayer, before its exercise, it is necessary to prepare oneself for it. **

* Bishop Ignaty. 1905. 98-99.

** the same, 95.




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